1000s Of Therapists in The USA Are Using These Ads To Get More Bookings.

If you’re a massage therapist or a massage clinic owner, the good news is that you’re in an industry with an excellent outlook for growth.

Consider the following stats:

  • According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), massage therapy is currently a $16 billion industry.
  • It’s estimated that there are 385,000 massage therapists and massage therapy students currently in the United States, and revenue growth is projected to continue at an average rate of 4% per year through 2022.

Where Are Consumers Getting Massage?

  • In 2020 42% of female consumers and 40% of male consumers got a massage in a spa
  • 38% of consumers got a massage at a massage therapist’s office
  • 36% of consumers visited a massage franchise or chain in 2020 – and 21% of female consumers and 16% of male consumers got their last massage at a name brand chain in 2020.
  • 6% of consumers got a massage at their home or the home of someone they know in 2020

Long gone are the days when you could rely on advertising in a phone book to bring in new clients. To be found by potential customers, you have to modernize your listings and get listed in online backpage massage directory. It’s essential that any local service-based business has a strong web presence, and massage therapists are no exception. A good place to start is HERE!